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Welcome to Grønligrotta!

Grønligrotta is the only cave in the Nordic region which is enlighted. Something that has made it one of the most popular and most visited limestonecaves the last hundred years. The cave is a network of passages, fabolous shapes and forms that water and ice have sculptured through 700.000 years. We can offer you an experience out of the ordinary, where one gets to see the earth`s inner core. Grønligrotta is one of the biggest of the 200 caves in the district of Rana. It is 4200 metres and is located by the farm named Grønlia, situated 20 km from the city of Mo i Rana. Grottekroa is open during the season ( ca 20. june-20 aug). It offers food and beverages, souvenirs, tickets, along with beds for staying overnight. The surrounding area there`s terrain suitable for hiking.